Hetu is a lightweight scripting language purely written in Dart for embedding in Flutter apps. Our goal is to enable Flutter app & game to have hotfix and scripting ability.

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  • Modern programming language syntax likes typescript/kotlin/swift, need very little time to get familiar with.
  • Full scripting language abilities: class OOP, prototype OOP, FP, module, errors, etc.
  • Runs on all platforms that flutter supports, including web browsers and desktop.
  • Extremely easy on binding, call Dart functions in script or call script functions in Dart with just one line.

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Quick start

To eval a string literal of Hetu code in Dart.

import 'package:hetu_script/hetu_script.dart';

void main() {
  final hetu = Hetu();
    var ht = {
      name: 'Hetu',
      greeting: () {
        print('Greetings from ${}!')

To pass a Map to script, modify it in script and get it back:

import 'package:hetu_script/hetu_script.dart';

void main() {
  final hetu = Hetu();
  hetu.init(externalFunctions: {
    'hello': () => {'greetings': 'greetings from Dart!'},
  var hetuValue = hetu.eval(r'''
      external fun hello
      var dartValue = hello()
      dartValue['reply'] = 'Hi, this is Hetu.'
      dartValue // the script will return the value of last expression

  print('hetu value: $hetuValue');
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