Input this command in your terminal under the project folder to add the package to your project.

dart pub add hetu_script

Or use flutter version command:

flutter pub add hetu_script
flutter pub add hetu_script_flutter


To import from another source file on your physical disk. Install the package 'hetu_script_dev_tools'.

dart pub add hetu_script_dev_tools

Then use the helper class HTFileSystemResourceContext provided by this package, to replace the default one:

import 'package:hetu_script/hetu_script.dart';
import 'package:hetu_script_dev_tools/hetu_script_dev_tools.dart';

void main() {
  final sourceContext = HTFileSystemResourceContext(root: '../../script/');
  final hetu = Hetu(sourceContext: sourceContext);
  final result = hetu.evalFile('import_test1.ht', invoke: 'main');

content in 'import_test1.ht':

import 'hello.ht' as h

fun main {
  return h.hello()

content in 'hello.ht':

fun hello {
  return 'Hello, world!'

This package also provided a REPL tool for quick testing.


This package is for loading a script file from flutter assets.

dart pub add hetu_script_flutter

The default folder is 'scripts/', directly under your project root.

  - scripts/main.ht

Use the helper class HTAssetResourceContext provided by this package, to replace the default one:

Then use the new method on Hetu class: initFlutter to init, instead the old method. The scripts you added in your pubspec.yaml will be pre-loaded. Note that this is an async function.

Then you can load a asset script file directly by evalFile method, you can omit the root in the path:

final sourceContext = HTAssetResourceContext(root: 'scripts/');
final hetu = Hetu(sourceContext: sourceContext);
await hetu.initFlutter();

final result = hetu.evalFile('main.ht', invoke: 'main');
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