Hetu Script command line tool

A command line REPL tool for testing.


You can activate this tool globally, by the following command:

dart pub global activate hetu_script_dev_tools
// or you can use a git url or local path:
// dart pub global activate --source path G:\_dev\hetu-script\dev-tools

Then you can use command line tool 'hetu' in any directory on your computer.

(If you are facing any problems, please check this official document about pub global activateopen in new window)


If no arguments is provided when execute, the command tool will enter REPL mode.

In REPL mode, every exrepssion you entered will be evaluated and print out immediately.

If you want to write multiple line in REPL mode, use '\' to end a line.

>>>var a = 42
>>>fun hello {\
return a }
function hello() -> any // repl print
42 // repl print


Run a Hetu source file on your disk. The file could be a script source or a compiled bytecode.

hetu run [path]


Format a Hetu source file on your disk and save the result to file.

hetu format [path] [option]
      --out(-o) [outpath]


Compile a Hetu source file on your disk into bytecode.

hetu compile [path] [output_path] [option]


Analyze a Hetu source file on your disk. List all warnings and errors.

hetu analyze [path]
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